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Colibries is about sharing handicrafts in an ethical and sustainable way. Our mission is to provide sustainable crafted products for you to vote for causes and products you believe in. 

We are an original gift idea to personalize so that you can bring something that have an incredible personal touch!

We are an independent business established in 2013. Two friends for life, born in Vietnam, growing up in the Netherland. We became a bridge between our eastern roots and our western lifestyle through our career as creative buyer and product developer. Recognizing how large footprint products can leave on environment, we decided to change course. Through the founding of Colibries we want to share unique crafted products that make you happy, make you feel unique and yet in balance with nature as they are sustainable. Our motto is to enjoy life, love the world we live in and ensure that other people and next generations have the quality of life that they deserve. 

Currently, we fuse heritage and zero waste design principle to produce both a line of baskets for storage and simple stylish bags. Using biodegradable washable paper with vegetable dye-, pyrography, hand-printing, straight from the comfort of our homes. A small batch business, committed to maintaining a small footprint and producing in thoughtful, limited quantities.

We maintain the unique characteristics in each product with our various hand touches from start to finish, which include our choice of using leftover haberdashery, upholstery fabric. It’s our take on the pieces of detail that subtly sets us apart. 

We hope with each product we share, we bring a little bit of creative flare to you!

Men Chao,

Thuy & Tuong


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