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❥ Washable Paper is a renewable resources, produced from cellulose fibers. It is a substrate of wood, and is a natural material. The cellulose pulp we use comes from Europe. And it is FSC certified, which means that it is the sustainable choice you can trust to deliver better outcomes for forests, people and markets.

❥ The secret is in the method ofproducing the cellulose fibers with latex. Unlike plain paper, it results in adurable material that can last for years.

❥ Washable paper has a leathery touch and feel,but the crease and crease effect continues to give it a shabby chic touch. It's vegan because it is made of plant fibers and we use natural pigment to colored our paper. None of the components we use are from animals.

 ❥ Our washablepaper is water resistant. You can walk in the rain with confidence that thoseraindrops will not go through your bag. However, after longer time in water,the absorption will increase. After all it is washable, but the materialretains its shape and strength when dries to the air.

❥ If it gets dirty, you can washit  the washing machine on the gentlecycle up to 40°C. You can use gentle detergent and air dry or for theconvenience in the dryer. Don’t use any fabric softeners! And don’t forget toremove the handles.

❥ It is possible that the material loses slightly of itscolor when you wash it for the first time. Due to this, we advise to wash your Colibries separately, at least in the beginning.


We made them in small batches on seasonal available color pigments, so once sold out they are gone for good. But we'll always have our classic colors, so if your color is in the classic range,  you can place an order on backorder!


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